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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

George Washington - 2000 - Dir. Green

I hate to say that I couldn't stop thinking about Pineapple Express for the bulk of the film. Which really is just ridiculous. This film is nothing like Pineapple Express. But I guess, that was the point, trying to connect the two. Maybe now a few more of Pineapple's scenes make a bit more sense now. I can see Green, so to speak, hanging around both movies. So... what about George Washington? It's one of the those movies that it's really difficult to pin down. Immediately after I finished watching it, I wanted to know more. It's seemed very free to express itself. Sort of changing shape as the movie progresses. The kind of indefinable quality is terribly attractive for me. I really did feel like the movie could take me anywhere. I hate to say it this way, but the film has a very strong presence. It's not an outrageous film, by any means. But, I suppose, unexpected. It threw a lot of curveballs. Like the man sticking his tongue out at the end. And I really liked the adults... their child-likeness was a ton of fun to watch and compare to the children's own strange kind of maturity. Like the first scene where its the two kids breaking up and it feels like you're watching two incredibly mature grown-ups doing so. I was kind of waiting for the movie to dip into tragedy but the film stays too grounded for that. And there's especially a lot of places for the film to become tragic... keeping a really nice tension for a good bulk of the film. I'm curious how I will think of this film as it ages in my memories. It certainly beats Mishima as a film to chew on. PAUL SCHNEIDER!

Raptor's are so easily embarrassed.

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