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Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Love You, Man - 2009 - Dir. Hamburg

Hey, whatever, man. It's not a western. I TOOK A BREAK! Anyway, so I watched another Paul Rudd movie. I wanted to see him smile and dance around like a big stupid asshole. Paul Rudd sort of acts in this one, or maybe he acts less. Either way, he does more than just make smart-ass comments the entire time. He's actually kind of an uncomfortable doof in this movie. Sometimes, it was almost hard to watch! That's how embarrassing he could be. Even he's embarrassed by himself. Although the novelty of Rudd being something other than a cynical douche is fun at first, it runs old pretty quickly. We can only watch him say a nonsensical word and then curse himself for being so uncool so many times. Despite this, I laughed a lot more than I thought I would. I think a lot of this has to do with the supporting players. The ever-entertaining JK Simmons is great in his few scenes. Guy From Reno-911 was also terrific, again, in his few scenes. Jon Favreau might have been my favorite part. Everytime he was in the movie, I was excited for what he might do. Which was nothing. The man grumbles through the whole movie and its hilarious. WHAT A BUTT! Jason Segal is all right, I suppose. I might say he was more fun to watch than Rudd. He has really sharp comic timing. Doesn't really ever ham it up to much. He throws a way more natural performance our way than the somewhat smug Rudd. It made for a somewhat interesting dynamic because Rudd, the straight guy, was a more off the way than Segal. Like Rudd is so straight that it's hilarious. Making root beer floats for the ladies with little Pirrouette straws. That shit's ridiculous! Rashida Jones does justice to the Fiance-type character, which is usually a pretty lame character. She often doesn't really have many jokes and is kind of there just to create conflict. Often times, this character comes off as just plain annoying, getting in the way of the movie's fun. She might be the most likable (read: reasonable) character in the whole film, having a basic sense of life. She's a very capable character, not prone to hysterical freakouts many other characters in. Sure, she walks out at a point, but fucking Rudd was asking for it. Like, we want Rudd to marry Jones in the movie. And not just because she's adorable. And I was happy that saying "I Love You, Man" wasn't a focal point for the film. A movie that was probably about as funny as I would have expected.

DUCK! They see us!

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