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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Name is Nobody - 1974 - Dir. Valeril

I have no idea how My Name is Nobody ended up on my queue. But it was a western and I figured I might as well watch it. MAN! It was a great idea! Not only did it have a bitchin' score by Ennio Morricone but it was good fun too! The movie's story telling might have been a little weak or goofy at times. A little uneven, especially when you get right down character motivation. I feel like at the end, everything makes a little bit more sense, but as I worked my way through the film, I found it a little bit of a struggle. The film, however, has a lot of neat metaphors and themes running through it. Especially the faceless "Wild Bunch" roving around haunting Fonda. The movie is a bit of a slap-stick comedy. Terrence Hill does most of the grunt work and he's certainly entertaining. There's one sequence in a Public urinal that's just ridiculous and is basically just men making faces at each other. The film is also about the adoration of Fonda's character by Hill. A Jesse James type situation. Hill's has significantly less depth but from a western comedy, what can we really expect. Morricone's score is probably my favorite aspect of the film though. Nobody's theme is just fucking awesome. The film is impressive enough looking, there's a few scenes shot by Sergio Leone as well. But Valeril definitely holds his own.


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