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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jeremiah Johnson - 1972 - Dir. Pollack

Wow... there are a lot of soldiers and gay models named Jeremiah Johnson. Or maybe it's just one guy who is ALL OVER the internet. It's also the name of a great movie directed by Sidney Pollack. I've been watching almost exclusively westerns these days as the writing of my own Western comes to a close. Jeremiah wasn't so much of a Western as it was a Mountain Man tale. AND WHAT A TALE IT WAS! This movie was actually tons of fun and really engaging as well. It's one of those sneaky movies that you don't even realize that there's barely any dialogue in it. Apparently Redford only has like 30 lines. The last movie that did that was... well... It's was Sweet Sweetback, which isn't exactly the same thing. But it's kind of incredible how some movies can have such a small amount of dialogue but not feel that way. The film also made me think about American cinema in the 70s and basically how bitchin' it was. Maybe I'm just being a little biased but the classic cinema that emerged definitely has a specific feel. I don't know... Either way, I really enjoyed watching the movie. It features a beautiful Utah landscape and is just kind of a neat, straight-forward tale which most certainly has its corny moments but the pacing makes it feel a little more earned. When the film suddenly takes a blood-thirsty turn, I was all "SWEET!" although I really should have expected it. I guess I just didn't expect the man to start a family and then have it taken away AND THEN seek vengence. I think its a big opposite from the Moillet films where I liked them more as I write about them though. Jeremiah Johnson is a pretty formulaic film which has a completely abosrbing atmosphere moving it forward and which is what helped this movie win me over. And hell, Robert Redford is SWEET to watch grow a beard.

YO! That bear is totally checking out Redford's package!

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