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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pervert! - 2005 - Dir. Yudis

I'd never heard of Pervert!, I think it just suddenly appeared on my Netflix recommendations and I was all... Okay. So I watched it on Play it now. The film is a tribute to Russ Meyer of sorts, who had passed a few years before the film was released. And it certainly stands strong as a Russ Meyer tribute. They definitely know their Meyer. Right down to the Desert setting to the goofy fucking music that plays when there's sexy things going on in the screen. I think probably the first half of the movie had me going. Filled with silly montages, some humorous editing, and puns a plenty. AND SOUND EFFECTS! :) The movie is a big silly joke. It's fun and playful. I think I started to get lost when the plot kind of kicks in. I guess a Killer Penis was supposed to be funny. I don't know how it happened... but a Killer Penis just doesn't entertain me so much these days. Something about it feels a little tired... oh, maybe it was Glorious Life of Sachiko Hanai that did it. And I think a good portion of the movie hinges on the Killer Penis being totally outrageous. I mean, maybe I'm being a little tough on it, the penis DID go all the way through a lady. I that was pretty wacky. But I was most definitely bored in the second half. I mean, the script is a little goofy to begin with, but it gets a little out of hand at that point. Where it's just a little tough to watch. But the movie is fun, I can't get too nitpicky about it. After all, the director plays a homosexual, nazi, redneck, ghetto-fabulous mechanic who punts his toddler/co-worker into a garage. The director WANTED to do that. And there is nothing wrong with a man whose needs are like that. Also, the acting in general. Acting in sexploitation... not an easy thing to... judge. Everyone is pretty entertaining. Mary Carey can be a little bland in some scenes (Just completely unexpressive sometimes) but she's fun to watch, and she's also probably the most attractive. I especially like Hezakiah and the whiny protagonist was all right, definitely a Russ Meyer type looking doof. Constantly reminding me of Blando McBland in supervixens (Who is perhaps my favorite protagonist of all time).

Somebody help that man! He has special effects on his chest!

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