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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hang 'em High - 1968 - Dir. Post

This is going to be my last western for a while, probably. I've basically cleared my entire Netflix queue of them. It's time to move on to new projects. After all, my own western is coming to a close. There's no significance really to Hang 'Em High being the last film, I've seen. It basically was the last movie in my queue left unseen. It was okay. Apparently, it was attempting to make a kind of American Spaghetti western, which trying to figure out specifically what that could imply gives me some kind of headache. It was an all right movie. A little let down by the premise, I mean, Clint Eastwood survives a hanging and goes after the Vigilante group that accused him by becoming a Law Man (again). Clint Eastwood huntin' motherf-ers! How can that go wrong?! But it's not really much of a vengence story. It really does want to go about being a film that (sorta) examines Justice with Pat Hingle playing a major role of Eastwood's boss and a notorious "Hanging Judge." PLUS, we have a sudden romance blossom in the third act which I could have gone without. I mean... it feels pretty friggin' tacked on. Eastwood starts kissing with twenty minutes left in the film and six mofos to kill. So you know you're not getting the bloodbath that you were sold in the beginning. I think that's what was misfiring with me, I didn't really want to see a good part of what the film wanted to show me. It's not awful. I don't know, it wasn't selling it for me. Dennis Hopper has a really strange cameo, which could have very well been Hopper sneaking on set and interrupting the shoot. But the film has MORE than enough Bruce Dern. I had tons of fun watching young Bruce Dern, who was always a nasty sonuvabitch apparently. But if you like Bruce Dern, see it! If not, eh... you could probably miss this one.

This image file has damaged edges because the file is so old. Naturally a picture taken during the Old West experiences some wear and tear.

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