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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cherry, Harry & Raquel - 1970 - Dir. Meyer

I think I had filed this Meyer flick away in my brain because it's the first one with Charles Napier in it. I don't know WHY that information was important to me... but it was. I think maybe because I feel like Charles Napier should be in EVERY Russ Meyer movie. He's like a more talented David Aiken (Don't worry, he was in NO movies). Certainly has a bigger jaw. You wanna know why I like Russ Meyer flicks? Because apart from breasts, I never have any idea what I'm going to get. That's not to say he comes up with brilliant ideas... Well, if you get me in the right mood, they are brilliant, but he certainly comes up with some wacky shit. In this film, for example, he starts out with some scrolling text and a montage of industry and naked women. The text is sort of about thinking for yourself, its a little tough to follow because GIANT BOUNCING BREASTS make it tough to read. I mean, the ending of this movie was just so STRANGE. Some may say stupid... but I'm not gonna treat Russ Meyer like that. That man has an idea of what he's doing. It's just the STRANGEST idea. His editing is really a ton of fun to watch though. So I barely spoke about the film itself. It's his first film after Vixen... so the breasts aren't gigantic and he shows some respect to plot. I movie is only 70 minutes long so its a breeze to watch and probably a lot more fun than many of his others. A particular gem is the climactic lesbian dance/snuggle sequence cut with the hyper masculine fight scene. And as usual, we get a nice little voice over with a montage of the film we just watched explaining each and every character. God bless you, Mr. Meyer!

Sex in the sand! Great I'm watching Woman in the Dunes- Oh wait...

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