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Monday, September 7, 2009

Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens - 1979 - Dir. Meyer

I had a bit of a Russ Meyer fest last night, watching Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens and Vixen. I've seen Vixen previously and had watched a few minutes of Ultra-Vixens before turning it off in boredom. Ultra-Vixens is an intensely sillier movie, I mean, there's almost consistent use of sound effects and goofy fucking faces. It's also WAAAAYYY lazier. When I first viewed the movie, I had just assumed it was going to be a random compilation of titillating scenes strewn together with a strange narrator. Turns out the movie is about a bland fellow who is almost completely uninterested in sex unless it involves him putting things in butts and his attempt to normalize his sex life. The film has quite a bit of anal rape as a result. Including a scene where a homosexual Marriage Counselor/Dentist tries to rape him. It's a fun kind of movie, apparently another one written by Ebert. Like ALL sexploitation, it doesn't make a terrific amount of sense but it is entertaining to watch. I generally really enjoy Meyer's way of going about editing and he really does have a very surreal and twisted sensibility. It runs a little long with its seemingly unending conclusion involving first the narrator wrapping up the character then Meyer himself in a somewhat unexpected breaking of the Fourth Wall. I don't really understand his need to "wrap-up" which is often just re-describing the characters, every single character in the film. Including one that is actually somewhat introduced in the wrap-up. I suppose it's just another excuse to crack jokes and show some tits. Speaking of which, this Meyer film certainly seems to have the bustiest performers around, to the point of it basically being ridiculous. It wasn't just shapely ladies... but just the full-fledged super fake boobs. We're not talking Chesty Morgan's hanging style ridiculous boobs, but like... I dunno LARGE ROUND SUPERFAKE TITS. Like, the really weird ones from back in the day. You know?

Russ Meyer playing the oldest latchkey kid in a Broadway play.

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