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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Deadly Weapons - 1974 - Dir. Wishman

All right, all right... We can sit around all day and argue who rented the sexploitation film about the woman who kills (two) men with her big breasts. But let's not. Instead, how about I tell you about this sexploitation film I've jut seen? Now, I don't know why I always get surprised by how stupid these movies are. I mean, they are really stupid. With irresponsibly bad acting most of the time. And I hate to say Chesty Morgan acts about as well as you would expect upon hearing her name. I KNOW I KNOW! You'd think she'd be terrific but it's basically a blank expression for an hour and sixteen minutes. They sure did know to keep the movie short at least. But really those complaints shouldn't factor into a movie like this. The movie doesn't even have the class to throw some camp our way. Oh man, I would be so blown away if the film is just being massively ironic. But I think its just a badly, cheaply made movie. I mean, you do see her boobs a lot. A whole lot. She doesn't do too much with them or anything. And they're pretty funny looking. You know... being all floppy and huge and all. It is a ball and a half to watch Harry Reems though. That guy has the bravest moustache and I spent most of the time thinking about how Daniel Day Lewis should be in the scene. I suppose I did feel a little cheated out of the whole boob smothering. I mean, C'mon! Only two times!? It's the whole premise of the movie. Well, I guess the premise is BOOBS. But... you know... like a real premise. Sigh... nevermind.

I wanted to use a picture of Harry Reems in this because he looks like such a goofball but I guess we'll have to settle for this.

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