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Friday, September 25, 2009

Zachariah - 1971 - Dir. Englund

Maybe I'm being a little too tough on Zachariah, but I also think that this movie was terribly lame. I'm a little curious as to how this movie got made, who's baby it was, but I also don't really care that much. :p It's boring... I believe is the thing. I so badly wanted it to be over so early on in the picture. Strangely enough, I can basically support almost everything the movie does... just not the way it does it. It's got a lot of subtext, supports solitary lifestyles, tosses around some classy references, anachronisms, camp, gay cowboys/best friends, and a nice does of psychedelia. It's even a pretty cool looking movie. But, man, I don't know, it's awfully dull. Silly but not exciting. Not silly enough a lot of the time. VERY bad character arcs. We have very little notion why any character does anything WHICH I have no problem with, as long as we're not expected to give a damn. But the movie wants us to give a damn. It wants to make its point, and it's going to drag these characters on inexplicably until it gets to the end. Don Johnson's final revelation was something that I would have written back in high school. HELL, I probably did. It's like if in the end of Alien, instead of Ripley firing it out the hatch, the Alien just left the ship and Ripley went back home. NOT THE BEST COMPARISON, but hell... I'm the only one reading this. Oh, and those two guys down there. Those are our tough gunslingers. That's like having Jason Biggs as the Man With No Name. NO ONE in this movie looks like they're from the Wild West. Well, maybe Country Joe and Fish do. Oh, and almost everyone in this fucking movie is in a band or some musical person. It's one of those movies.

I hope I never find a larger version of this picture... I don't know why. It just feels NOT RIGHT.

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