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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro - 1979 - Dir. Miyazaki

It had been a while since I got all with the Lupin III business, so I was a little bit rusty. Not that there is really a lot to remember in the Lupin series. I'm just saying, It had been a while. I had completely forgotten about Goemon. Whose pretty awesome. Apparently, this is the most well-known of the Lupin films, perhaps because Miyazaki (who worked on the series) got his grubby little fingers in it. His mark is definitely left on the film, whether it's the beautiful castle scenery or the fact that everything wiggles a little bit more than you would expect (Lottawigglin). The story is paced a little slowly, I remember being shocked about half way through that I was only halfway through the movie. Lupin is definitely a little bit more of a gentleman than I remembered him being. He takes on the role of Knightly Thief pretty early on in the film and doesn't drop it. He's still a ton of fun and all what with his general wackiness. There's even the inevitable team up of Zenigata and Lupin as they head off against a big douchebaggery committing count. The voice acting is okay. Honestly, I don't expect too much from the series as far as voice acting is concerned. It's a pretty silly show, so the stilted acting meshes probably a lot better than a decent bunch of actors. They seem to know this too. It's not like they're accidentally crappy or anything. There's a ton of fun sequences with ninja's with bladed arms and fingers that are kick ass to watch. I mean, its what you would basically expect from a Lupin movie... except with a touch of early Miyazaki hanging around.

Lupin III driving around his money around.

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