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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Girl Is A Gun - 1971 - Dir. Moullet

And less than 24 hours later, I see A Girl Is A Gun (SWEET TITLE!) another one of Moullet's features. I think I liked The Smugglers better... I THINK. I'm not exactly sure. They are both very similar featuring gratuitous running around in a desert/chase sequences. The Smugglers seems to have a lot of nice individual moments while A Girl Is A Gun feels like a stronger movie in general. I suppose that is the point that I feel I want to make about Moullet, having seen two of his movies. His movies are kind of purposeful failures in some sense. Like movies TRYING to be other movies but they can't quite cut the mustard. Like the characters aren't driven enough, or smart enough to pull through their plans. The story inevitably gets side-tracked by any old thing. A thrilling chase becomes a romantic attraction. Moullet seemed to try hard to work within his limitations of budget to make something that feels pretty original in some sense. I mean, this is definitely French New Wave, no doubt about. Oh! And Donnelle/Guy from La Chionese plays who I'm assuming is Billy the Kid (we don't ever get a proper introduction by any means). He's a scrawny guy. I watched the English dub because Moullet said with the dub he wanted to try and replicate the shabbiness of American genre films. I think that's what has really sold Moullet for me. SHABBINESS! He's definitely a little shabby. But Leaud's dub was purposefully manlier than Leaud (a skinny frenchman) appears. I mean, that's just silly. And it's fun! You know, I have fun Moullet. And A Girl Is A Gun has a totally bitchin' psychedelic score. The movie does a good job of getting progressively sillier too. Actually the same goes for The Smugglers. I feel like movies like them have a tendency to fizzle out but both of those movies sort of throw us a nice curveball that generally amps up the film in general.

Billy the Kid famously stole his pants from Beetlejuice.

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