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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Wages of Fear - 1953 - Dir. Clouzot

The Wages of Fear I knew primarily because of its remake Sorcerer... which I hadn't seen either. I knew the premise was about Men driving trucks of Nitro Glycerin through South America and could blow up at anytime. Which I suppose was all I really needed to know. MEN DOING DANGEROUS THINGS, is the name of the game in the film. It's a 1950's french movie though, so it's two and a half hours long. I mean, this isn't friggin' Phone Booth or anything. We get like a nice hour of setting up the characters, then they're off on the trucks. I can't say it's an incredible movie. It's like if Speed's 1st Act was all about Keanu Reeves and all of the various feelings he has. Except done capably. When they're actually in the trucks, it's tense. IT'S INTENSE! I was definitely "at the edge of my seat" waiting for some trucks to blow up. They drive through intensely rocky roads, oil slicks, over mountains. There's no lack of shit to get in their way. One of the trucks DOES make it. The man stumbles towards a great Oil Well Fire. Watching explosions grow out of the flames. And THAT was collapsing. The character sees what kept him afraid and it is fucking epic. I mean, talking 1950's France. Those were some fucking explosions. I mean, the film sets itself up and the characters are well rounded. It was fun to watch. It's most definitely slow... but fun.

It's Mario and Luigi! Oh wait... technically, it's Luigi and Mario. Stupid Clouzot got it backwards!

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