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Friday, September 4, 2009

Stalker - 1979 - Dir. Tarkovsky

This was my Tarkovsky movie... or should I say FILM. That's right, I'm dropping the F-bomb in this place. This ain't Malibu's Most Wanted... YET! I don't know what I mean by that. But I really had no idea what a Tarkovsky film was, I really had no idea about the man. No idea at all. After seeing it, I think I have a pretty good of how the man works. He definitely has a voice, of course, I suppose that's why I KNEW who he was without having a fucking clue about 'em. The film definitely LOOKS wait... the first few sequences of the movie LOOK incredible. In some sense, I felt like I was seeing something exceptional and unique. I mean, the walls in this movie. THE WALLS ARE JUST INCREDIBLE. I mean, the man loves long shots and I love him for loving long shots. There was just so much to fucking watch and take in. There are some beautiful shots in this fucking movie. I'm a little mad for sending it off so soon because he was doing some crazy shit with sound and music that I had barely been able to take in on a single viewing. ALTHOUGH, I can't say I would actually watch the movie again. Two hours and forty minutes is quite a time. I mean, I'll watch it again. But not for a long while. As I think back to the film, I realize how little really went on in it. Even though I was really quite rapt. There's a pervasive sense of dread and tension in the film. It comes as such a nice relief when the Stalker freaks out and cries. Like, no one freaks out. There's a lot of calm controlled discussion in the film despite all the craziness that seems to be going on. It really creates the Environment of "THE ZONE." I mean, the film feels so intricately crafted, which makes sense since it was shot three times (two times?). It's definitely something that got my brain thinking and definitely something I would like to see again.


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