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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finders, Keepers, Lovers, Weepers - 1968 - Dir. Meyer

POOOP! POOOOOOOOOP! Well, that's no way to start my little review thing. I dunno, I didn't really feel like watching a real movie yesterday so I watched another Russ Meyer flick that I had sitting on my desktop. I had never heard of Finders, Keepers, Lovers, Weepers before, I downloaded it because it can be a little tough to get Meyer flicks so I try and not turn down any opportunity. I don't mean to sound terribly superficial, but there were some pretty bland women in this. I mean, even for a Russ Meyer movie, I was a little shocked. They didn't even seem terribly Meyer-esqe. I'm starting to notice Meyer's style of editing more and more, and I think it's having a bigger impact on my enjoyment of his stuff. I mean, demolition derby footage with hot tub sex. BRING IT ON MEYER! Or you know, if you have Amish kids flying a kite, I'd get behind that too. WAIT! That's in a different sex scene?! Well, all right then. Despite the beloved editing, this is a pretty down-to-Earth Myer flick, which isn't a great thing. It's not a terribly fun romp by any means. The characters are more... well, real. Which makes them just dumb as all hell. It makes it a little tough to really give a shit. Especially when most of the characters are just plain jerks. Definitely not a great first Meyer flick, but it has a lot of neat little touches, the Thieves are pretty entertaining to watch (perhaps the only actors to be that way). But a worthwhile time for Meyer fans.

You know what would make this scene better? If it had demolition derby footage spliced into it.

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