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Monday, October 19, 2009

The Firemen's Ball - 1967 - Dir. Forman

I don't really follow Forman too closely. I mean, I generally really do like his movies, but I never remember that he's actually the one directing them. He makes films so infrequently. I suppose I do want to see Man on the Moon, and I mean, fucking Cuckoo's Nest... it's FUCKING CUCKOO'S NEST. But I went into The Fireman's Ball without a real sense of what I could expect from Forman or the film itself. What I didn't realize and should have was that all of the actors were actually Firemen, those who inspired the script. Forman's tale of being completely blown away by a ball thrown by these men gives the film a real charm. I feel like foreign comedies always FEEL the most foreign of all genres. So, it's a little weird watching it. Especially with nonprofessional actors. I look back on this movie fondly though. It has a lot of unintended subtext which I feel is the best kind, often times because it will never hit you over the head. An amusing depiction of failure, deception, and people just being stupid assholes. You know, like how people do? The movie runs on charm. Functioning a little bit the way, Bottle Rocket does. Nothing terribly interesting is going on but these people are too much fun to not want to hang out. Which is also what a portion of both movies consists of. Also I will definitely get behind a movie that has a sequence that focuses on weird/cute looking European girls.

OH GOD! They see us!

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