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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkinhead - 1988 - Dir. Winston

I rented this for two people. One: Stan Winston. Two: Lance Henrikson. I dunno. It's a pretty silly movie. Or boring. It's not that good. It's got some pretty neat sets and Winston certainly has a sweet eye for detail but the story doesn't really build tension very effectively. So I don't think I was ever excited too frequently for what was going down in the movie. I mean, the look of the movie is real nice, but you can only watch tame faceless people argue and Lance Henrikson glare. The Old Hag is a silly but welcome addition. The film actually does have a kind of strange aesthetic of the Gothic swamp-y look feeling like a classic fairy tale. Which is really does mimic quite well. It just doesn't go very much further than that. Now it's Backwater Hicks running around with candles in the woods. Lance Henrikson does his looking like Lance Henrikson. There's one cringe-inducing scene where he yells at the Hag and is filled with guilt. But I'm more willing to blame the editing and direction in that scene. But I can't really remember too many striking moments in the picture. Striking images, yes. So I suppose if you're after some sweet looking vintage 80's horror. I could go with this. I wouldn't put too much stock in it being an incredible experience though. Oh yeah, Pumpkinhead's face slowly changed to Lance's as the movie went on. NOT BAD!

Ladies and Gentlemen: PUMPKINHEAD!

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