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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - 2008 - Dir. Cohen

I sort of accidentally saw this. But I totally wanted to. So just pretend I just never said that. Rob Cohen is a perfectly acceptable Stephen Sommer's replacement. I didn't realize that until seeing this movie... and reading the other movie's the man has done. xXx? Fast and the Furious? Daylight? All classics of American Cinema. That being said, I still think this might be my least favorite of the series. I don't know for sure. Oded Feher adds something as does Arnold Vosloo. The movie is clearly about trying to top the previous movies. And it does. I mean, there's Yetis. There's a ton more Mummy based jokes. ALTHOUGH, according to Wikipedia, Jet Li is not OFFICIAL a mummy. He transforms into a bunch of different beasts. I didn't give a SHIT! I think that might have been one of the problems. I didn't really care too much. Wait... I might have never really cared about the action of the Mummy series. It's so hard to tell. I mean, honestly, if someone enjoyed the first two, it would be hard to find a reason to not like the third one. It's got the same tone, same action. It's a very honest sequel considering the new director. I don't think I've liked Brendan Fraser as much before though. He's totally awesome in the movie. Although I do appreciate Rachel Weisz WAY more than Maria Bello who was a basic, wife of adventurer character (although she does kick tons of butt). Oh man! The action in this movie is totally informed by ridiculousness and video games. If anything was particularly disappointing was the ending. Which sort of petered out and I remember not caring terribly. But hey, it's a Mummy movie. I can't really hold it that high on a pedestal.

Watch out! It's rare for a beast as big as a Brendan Fraser to leave the gound, WE'RE IN TROUBLE!

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