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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Violent City - 1970 - Dir. Sollima

I did not like this movie. In fact, I don't particularly like Sollima. But I seem to be interested in his films. I don't remember really liking Django very much. I certainly don't remember anything about it. Except a sequence with a bridge and all that business with the coffin that I knew ahead of time. Despite that, I put Violent City on my cue. I don't know why. I guess I sorta like Charles Bronson. Every time he touched that woman's breasts I yelled "Get some!" I don't really do that with actors too much. I guess I don't think Bronson is getting enough. Certainly not these days. :o Anyway, I don't know. As I started watching it, I realized it's going to be a pretty straight-forward action flick. Despite it's Italian heritage, it wasn't going to throw really that many curve balls at me. And it certainly didn't. The movie doesn't have too many surprises. It's not terribly mainstream. Bronson's character IS deeper than a lot of the hero's we get in these pictures. It is kind of neat, thinking back on it, that he doesn't actually say much. He's pretty consistently betrayed in the film and he acts on it in a variety of ways, but he doesn't convey too much. It's almost as if it's being subtle! And I was totally digging the chase sequence at the beginning. Sollima can direct, which is probably why I have Revolver on my queue after seeing Violent City. Not a terrific movie. But it's not stupid. I little goofy at times. There really is a bit of betrayal. But it's not retarded about it. We really don't have a ton of exposition or dumb-ass scenes. Maybe Bronson's stony exterior has something to do with it. Oh, it had a sweet ending, supporting the less is more kind of theory. Sollima knows what he's doing. I'm just waiting for the movie of his that I actually like.

This is also the same photo used for Charles Bronson's unpopular "Tough Guy Easy-Listening" album. What a stupid fake genre!

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