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Friday, October 23, 2009

Zardoz - 1974 - Dir. Boorman

You know, when a movie opens up with a giant floating stone head that tells a bunch of ridiculously dressed men on horses that guns are good and penises are evil, then proceeds to spew guns out of its mouth, that's a good sign. No, that's a GREAT sign. It's curious that I didn't like Zardoz as much as I should have though. I mean, it had all the makings of a movie I would get behind. I suppose maybe because it was pretty boring after a while. Not only boring but... I dunno, DULL, might be a better word. It felt like a movie that had a bunch of neat ideas but didn't seem to be very excited about them. Sean Connery didn't particularly seem to feel like acting too much. It doesn't move very assuredly in any particular direction, seeming to jaunt suddenly into different plot points. Characters changing for the sake of moving the story along. When things are set-up, you know quickly how they are going to break down, you're left to watch the movie be coy about how it goes about doing so. The movie seems to come right out and tell you the stuff that would be more fun to figure out, and spends a lot of time answering questions that aren't terribly interesting. Even the trippy climax felt dull, and I LOVE trippy climaxes. The film isn't without it's clever touches, but they are few and far between. By the end of Zardoz, I just felt... what was the point? Which is a real shame... because look at fucking Sean Connery... I mean... Look at him... Just standing there... DRESSED LIKE THAT. I should have loved this movie.

If this picture "interests" you, then you'll be interested in Zardoz

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