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Saturday, October 17, 2009

W. - 2008 - Dir. Stone

I don't know why. I suddenly had the strangest urge to watch W. so I downloaded it and then I watched it on the computer. It was a fine time. Well, it was an okay time. It's a really WEIRD movie to watch because these are public figures that for the majority are still operating in some fashion. In some sense, the movie feels like a big joke. Where nobody really wanted to bring their A-game. Like the joke was that nobody should be an extraordinary job but act like they wanted to. In a sense, I can't believe that the movie is anything but a giant mockery of our President at the time, George W. Bush. Like the movie is aiming to be basically a movie version of our president, well-meaning but fairly flawed, and unendingly mediocre. Maybe I'm just over-thinking the whole thing. This is mightly possible, and then I'm making excuses for the across-the-board average job. I have to say, the final moment is awesome. But I don't know. The film avoids any of the drama that could be possible, often times remaining cool and distant from the situation. There are few big speeches or rousing moments of emotion. The acting is all right. Everyone seems more concerned with getting the spirit of their character rather than doing an impression. Because they are STRANGE performances. Especially Newton as Rice. Which I found hypnotizing in a somewhat repulsive way. So I cant tell HOW this movie was. It's just baffling. Definitely recommended.

Man, Toby Jones makes a creepy Rove, but what about TOBY KEITH!? LAWL!

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