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Friday, October 2, 2009

The New World - 2005 - Dir. Malick

Now, I can get a little excited about Terrence Malick these days. I believe earlier today, I convinced myself that Terrence Malick knows how to make perfect movies. I say a lot of things sometimes. He does not know how to make a perfect movie, I'm not going to say that he's the perfect director. But he certain seems able to handle all the different elements of film-making expertly. He kind of makes Oscar flicks... that I can respect though. Anyway, I wasn't really planning on liking The New World, it basically had to win me over several times throughout the pictures... I think it might have dropped the ball by the end, I remember feeling it was a little corny. The movie's gorgeous by the way. But I mean, that's what I would expect. What I didn't expect was that Colin Farrell would have so few lines. Which is a good thing in my mind. I don't think Colin Farrell is terrific at delivering lines, which is a big part of being an actor, I believe. The man sure can emote like hell from his eyes though. And Christian Bale wasn't in too much of it either! I've been a little grumpy at those two guys. Wait, I think it was unfair to be bad mouthing Colin Farrell, I think he was good... or he won me over. What it might have been is just that I was a BIG fan of Q'orianka Kilcher. Like she convinced me that Farrell was an all right guy, and then he totally just fucks us over and goes to work for the king! What a fucking ass! Anyway she was awesome, which is kind of the most important point because she is the one that the movie is really about. Colin Farrell is just kind of a decoy protagonist, he pops up, introduces us to the real protagonist and leaves us with her. Thank god! I did like hanging out with Q'orianka, the film kind of is the sculpting of Pocahontas into a European woman. The invasion of the New European World. As her clothing changes, the surroundings do as well. We begin in loincloth in the forest and end in an English garden in royal attire. It's a pretty fucking cool move that Malick pulls.

It's hunky hearthrob Colin Farrell!

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