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Friday, October 16, 2009

Wanted - 2008 - Dir. Bekmambetov

Way better than I was expecting. Although, I was totally just selling it short as a Run of the Mill adaptation of a Run of the Mill comic. I was being unfair though, I knew nothing about either the film or the series. Simply the "curve the bullet" idea was hard enough for me to swallow. I don't mean to suggest that somehow in the context of the film "curving" bullets is any less ridiculous, although I would like to point out that its way more fun. It's plays pretty straight-forward for most of the film. I do like Morgan Freeman's surprise role as villain. He fits the mentor role so well and ALWAYS plays that role, it actually caught me by surprise to find out he was the villain. I think the movie surprised me on a few counts just because I was expecting the movie to sell out a bit more. I mean it killed BRANGELINA and COMMON! How will they be in the sequels!? It's as if they didn't PLAN to make a sequel right off the bat! UNHEARD OF. I really liked the whole Loom idea. I found that terribly interesting and I'm glad they played with it as much as they did. And it's a terribly satisfying film to watch McAvoy be a big puss only to turn on the people who trained him and totally F- some S- up. Because the action does look good and is fun to watch. So, yeah, it's a real satisfying but goofy movie. Some of the aggression feels a little much. It's a little IN YOUR FACE. I'm not sure I was always behind THOSE aspects of the tone. But a pretty minor note in an impressive action movie.

Bend the bullets, McAvoy!

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