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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Revolver - 2005 - Dir. Ritchie

Revolver. It took me a while to decide to watch this movie. I knew it had been panned. I knew it was stupid and nonsensical. Pretentious, some have said. I dunno. It was okay. I liked it more than I thought. I mean, Guy Ritchie isn't a terrific director. He's good at making Guy Ritchie-type movies. His ACTUAL storytelling skills have always seemed a little limited to me. So, Revolver has a really neat premise. A premise that, really, Guy Ritchie has every right to execute. I mean, basically, I like to say, The Movie become the villain. Editing attacks Jason Statham. I mean, Guy Ritchie lives in Voice-Over, of course he's the one who should make it the villain. The thing is, Guy Ritchie knows he's being clever. He knows he has a little heady of an idea. And I believe he wanted to show off a little bit... either that or he was terrified his core audience of teenager boys weren't going to be able to keep up. Either way, NO ONE was buying what he was selling. I mean, interviews about the ego during the credits? This film has the same kind of narrow audience Ghost Dog has. But I thought Ghost Dog was awesome... This? Eh, I'll give the movie about fifteen minutes where I thought Ritchie was up to something really cool and interesting, but then he sort of fell back to his old bag of tricks. It doesn't respect the "literate" views or the ones just in for cheap thrill. A neat idea. I won't argue with him there. I'm glad he went for it.

I think Ray Liottas look best under abrasive lighting too, Guy Ritchie.

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