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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Common Law Cabin - 1967 - Dir. Meyer

The last of my Russ Meyer movies that I was currently able to extract. Although I found an 11 gig torrent I might dip my toes in... but 11gigs?! Jeez... Well, I think Common Law Cabin might have been certainly the most... uh... erotic? There's actually not a lot of nudity in this one, but a lot of seduction. I suppose that's why it's a wee-bit more titillating. There's also quite a bit of death, well, maybe not... No, wait... it did seem pretty violent. It had the least amount of silly Russ Meyer editing which upon realizing, was a SUPREME disappointment. It was pretty ridiculous plot-wise, basically with a villain who only seems to want to rape women or upset other men and can't seem to control himself in the slightest. The characters are more ridiculous than usual. Including the usual sexpot wife who by the end of the movie is just completely out of wack, providing cover fire for the villain for... why again? Watching them plod around, trying to find reasons to tie a scenes together. I mean, like I normally say, I can't really judge a Meyer movie too harshly. I enjoyed watching it. It does what it's supposed to. And it actually does it a lot better than some of his other movies... but I'm not sure if I'd want to watch it again though. You know? There wasn't a ton of those fun elements that really got me going as far as Meyer movies go.

Pictures of Men looking through Binoculars are the SILLIEST!

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