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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Double Team - 1997 - Dir. Hark

I can't say I really paid a lot of attention to Double Team, I know, I know. I should be a little more respectful of Jean-Claude's oeuvre. But what can I say, the movie was pretty stupid, and I don't think watching it in a respectful silence will change any of that. First of all, there was a decently long argument among friends as to whether or not this took place in the future. Sometimes, I'm still not sure. But it seems to take place in the future, although I'm willing to think that it is just filled with super spy technology. Either way, Denis Rodman looks like a jackass. It's always so baffling in JCVD movies how they always manage to find someone who upstages Jean-Claude in jackassery. And Mickey Rourke is in it too! I would expect a little more silliness from a mid-90's Rourke. But apart from his Facing Off with a tiger at the end, he seems to have some form of dignity intact. But then again, I wasn't watching very closely. He could have very easily been made foolish without anyone noticing. The movie is pretty wacky in general, at one point JCVD is taken to "The Colony" an island prison for secret agents and he is forced to escape. And for some reason, Rodman is running around in a Film Noir get-up for a nice chunk of the film. Tryin' to class it up, big guy?

I had to go through 4 pages of people being "Double Teamed"to get to this picture.

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