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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Krull - 1983 - Dir. Yates

Now, I'm not going to say Krull is the most important movie in cinematic history. Because that's just not true. I am hard pressed to say Krull is a good movie. I dunno. But they sure don't make movies like this anymore. Well, maybe they do. But I sure don't watch movies like this anymore. And I think that's just terrible! Or not. There's a real guilty pleasure in a movie like this. I watched it so I could see crappy special effects, which is what I got. But I like the imagination that goes into movies like these, the kind of balls to the wall, attitude that makes them try to film a sequence where Horses run so fast they the landscape is set aflame. And it does not look good. But that's not important. I feel like with a movie like this, it's that they DARED to do something that was so incredibly out of their reach. Sometimes, the movie pulls things off though. Like the sets in the Black Fortress. Look sweet. I won't act like they didn't. Sure, the whole sequence in the Fortress sort of falls flat on its face. But that didn't really come as a surprise. There was no way in hell the movie was going to live up to the premise. I mean, it's basically Dungeons & Dragons. Run around, form a party, get some items, get to a giant dungeon, kill the dude, save the princess. The movie does all that. With the shameless 80's cheesiness that can be seen in its ilk. I suppose if this is something that you wouldn't mind spending two hours watching, then by all means. I encourage you to. After all, you also get a CRAZY James Horner score out of the deal too.

OH FUCKING SHIT! IT'S A GLASS SPIDER! Those things are the worst, ya know?

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