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Monday, November 16, 2009

Old Joy - 2006 - Dir. Reichardt

I had never heard of Old Joy, which is reasonable. It's a slowly paced indie flick about two guys hanging out in the woods. I could take or leave a film with that information. I, luckily, took this movie. First of all, because it showcases the lovely area of and around Portland, OR, a place I happily spent a few months and would gladly spend some more. On pure nostalgia value alone, this movie had me going. And the movie really lets us soak in the scenery of both the woods and scenery. The two pals we're hanging out with are interesting company. Mostly because they barely speak. Well, one of 'em at least. The film doesn't hurl at us metaphor after metaphor and throw a huge tie-up monologue. In fact, this is the nice kind of movie that forces you to do some looking for the through-line. Granted, it's not terribly difficult to find, and I feel hokey saying this but a conversation after a movie like this can be pretty enlightening to see what was taken from the film. Like my favorite dramas, this doesn't behave like a drama. It's quieter. The glares we see when a character's back is turned isn't always the honest truth. In fact, the movie doesn't bother with truth. Not that it doesn't care. It just knows that it isn't that simple.
Oh man, Will Oldham. You look like you woke up under a couch.

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