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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Clear and Present Danger - 1994 - Dir. Noyce

Eh, I guess Clear and Present Danger was okay. It's a fine example of mid-90's political thriller. In fact, it's bafflingly all right. I suppose it might've set some kind of standard for the sub-par political thrillers churned out these days. I mean, It's perfectly Clancy-esqe. I haven't seen Patriot Games but I probably will. Let me point out, I love watching Henry Czerny. He is so good at being the type of characters he is almost consistantly cast as. I know that's kind of funny to say... being that I barely knew who the man was. But MAN! He's so good at being the type of guy who you can't wait to get his comeuppance. I think maybe the terrible appropriateness of ALL the cast is what makes the movie a little better than mediocre... or maybe the lack of glaring flaws. It's enjoyable enough movie and you know exactly where it's going to go and mostly how it's going to go down. Ford is a curmudgeon-y Boy Scout CIA Fella Jack Ryan. I'm curious to see a movie where Ford isn't at least a little curmudgeon-y. But hey, I'm not sure this a movie to nitpick. It gets what it wants done. With research battles, computer battles, people attempting to outwit each other, and no lack of explosions. The ambush scene was dandy.
Ahhh... A nice mild glass of Harrison Ford.

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