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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nixon - 1995 - Dir. Stone

MAN! I completely forgot Oliver Stone directed Natural Born Killers. Nixon reminded me. The style is similar, with a great deal of montages and crazy jump cuts. In a sense, livening up the nature of the film, which like Anthony Hopkins' Nixon is slow and lurching. First of all, in no way does Hopkins' resemble Nixon. It's kind of more like if Nixon's ghost possessed Hopkins. I thought it was a great performance. Very in tune with the dramatic, almost Shakespearean nature of the film. I mean, the first shot of the White House, shrouded in darkness, cut up by the shadow of the fence, a slow push in. I kind of scoffed, surprised by the... well, just surprised at the direction, I suppose. I was expecting something a little more slow and cerebral. But we have booming music, ultra dramatic lightning, and Hopkins' doing his best hopelessly tortured soul. The movie has plenty of strange insinuations, Bob Hopkins as a bat-shit insane J. Edgar Hoover, he's not just gay, he's just a weird fuck. There's also a bit of Sam Waterston as Richard Helms who at one point has jet black eyes, looking at the camera, as Hopkins says "EVIL." The film is basically epic in most senses. Most of all because it's three and a half hours long. It doesn't drag as much as you might expect from something the length of two movies but it sure ain't a walk in the park either.
Watch out Nixon! David Hyde Pierce is sneaking up on you!

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