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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan - 2009 - Dir. Olmos

I was a big BSG fan back in the day, and by back in the day, I meant when the re-imagining came out. I'm not sure the series really fared terribly well in the long run. I don't think my memories of the series are BLOWN AWAY POSITIVE. Mostly this is due to the increasingly muddled later seasons. I do forget, however, that it started COMPLETELY AWESOMELY. And after watching The Plan, I wanted to get right back into the mini-series. I'm not sure if I thought The Plan was terrific or anything. In fact, it's mostly pretty one-note and paced a little slowly. It does add a neat bit of depth and is honestly weaved in impressively well with the beginning of the series from the opposite point of view. It was engaging for a BSG fan who forgot why the show was so mesmerizing to begin with. I think most of the one-notedness was the prevalence of Dean Stockwell, who I do love with all of my heart. His consistent unwavering cynicism gets to be a bit much, but its fun to watch everyone around him crumble under the weight of their task. Well, not fun, but it's certainly engaging.

Jeez, Sharon! You're ALL WET! AAAAHAHAHAAHA!

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