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Saturday, November 7, 2009

It Lives Again - 1978 - Dir. Cohen

You know you're in for a treat when a movie's sequels are released onto the same DVD. You also know you're in for a treat when the sequels are simply pile on the mutant killer babies. I'm actually not the biggest fan of It's Alive, as far as Cohen movies go, its probably lower on my list. Apart from the novelty of the premise, I couldn't find a ton to enjoy in the movie, especially since it was lit with a pen light for a good chunk. There's been a decent gap so I couldn't say if I liked It Lives Again more... It felt like more of the same, literally, there's just MORE babies. I might say it poses the argument a little more interestingly than the first one. In the original, it's kind of just John P. Ryan deciding whether or not he might kill his mutant baby. It's Frederick Forrest this time around but there's a bit more on the side of Don't Kill Your Baby. And they even think they can teach them to not be blood-thirsty killers. So it felt like a bit harder of a decision. Forrest is also a more interesting actor to watch. The movie is surprisingly devoid of gore or violence really, a slight disappointment considering the nature of the film. Also! The film stars John Marley from Faces. I was trying to place both him and Forrest throughout the whole damn movie. So, I guess, I would have to say, I did enjoy this movie. It held my attention but in the end, a bit of a forgettable B-movie and entry into the Cohen filmography.

Hello? This is the only screenshot of the movie that could be found? Okay.

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