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Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Libertine - 1969 - Dir. Campanile

The Libertine was one of the few sexploitation films I could get on Play It Now on Netflix so I made sure to watch it. It had an interesting enough premise, following a recently widowed young woman who finds her husbands hidden apartment filled with tapes of him having kinky sex with women. This sets off a sexual awakening for our protagonist who runs off having tons of sex. The film is pretty tame for the most part. Catherine Spaak is cute enough. She's not terribly likable, sort of blase in a pretty stereotypical Italian way. Her throughline (and I realize I'm being picky) is a little tough to read. There's kind of a good chunk of confusing and vague scenes in the middle which slows it down a bit. The third act has a lot of her trying to ride men like horses which is fun enough. The ending is especially wacky. The film's soundtrack is AWEEEESSSOME! I got a real kick out of it and it created a fine tone for the movie. All of the separate scenes are entertaining, it's just that they don't really connect in a fulfilling way. Ultimately, the film doesn't really live up to its premise and like all sexploitations, you can only look at sexy ladies for so long before it gets a little dull. The movie does do its best to liven things up. Especially with a series of jarring jumpcuts. I especially liked one with a nerdy dude jumping up and down and firing a gun. OH MAN! And there's a whole thing where a girl has a live beetle for a necklace! I dug that like nobodies business! :)

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