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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Taking of Pelham 123 - 2009 - Dir. Scott

I suppose I expected Pelham to be more enjoyable. Which is why I'm so fucking mad at it, because DAMN, this movie was bland as hell. I should have expected this from Tony Scott. The man can find a way of disappointing even when the bar is set ridiculously low. Denzel and Travolta are no fun to watch at all which is unfortunate because the movie is Denzel Vs. Travolta. It's not a hostage movie. It's not a multi-charactered thriller. It's two guys talking. And the movie is pretty shameless about keeping it that way. The movie is so straight-forward, I was almost shocked. I mean, I kept expected the movie to be ACTING banal in an attempt to pull the wool over her eyes for some kind of a twist, but no, there was just that little going on in the whole fucking movie. I read in one of the reviews that Travolta as a villain is unable to get past schoolyard bully meanness... which is fairly appropriate. I don't mean to blame Travolta though, even if he's not as villainous as we might like, he can still give us a watchable performance... if some sort of decent material is there. But there is not. The movie makes a pathetic attempt to step into the lives of the hostages. Basically, there is no one in this movie other than Denzel and Travolta. There's a side of unsatisfying Gandolfini and an aftertaste of Luis Guzman, but all are swallowed but the insipid and forced conflict between Denzel and Travolta. BOOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNGGGGGG!
This is how John Travolta will dress when he stars in the remake of Grease.

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