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Friday, November 20, 2009

Casino - 1995 - Dir. Scorsese

I didn't like Casino. Let me make that clear. First of all, I'm not sure I saw why that movie had to be three hours long. I suppose... he's concerned with telling a very whole and complete story. But I don't know... that story is pretty repetitive and boring. Everyone behaves exactly the way you would expect them to behave and they just do so for three hours. There's some neat parts. Some interesting parts. BUT MAN, I was waiting for the movie to end pretty early on. And when you get to the ending? I felt like my last reaction was a "Huh." No one is really ever likable. Not even charming really. Or even sympathetic. I could give a rats ass what happens to these people. It's not that they're immoral or violent. It's just that they act pretty stupidly for most of the movie. I don't understand how three people exploding in Vegas could be so dull. Sigh... I seem to be ragging on the movie. I mean, it's still Scorsese... so it's not all bad. On a standalone basis, there's some neat montages and bits. Some fine music as always. And there's a lot of it. The movie sometimes seems like it wants to get through the story as fast as possible. There's more voice over than I really cared for. Joe Pesci definitely held my attention, but with a character like that, it's to be expected. So yeah, CASINO.

Forget Sharon Stone! Who the FUCK is that guy and how does he look so good?

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