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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Warriors - 1979 - Dir. Hill

What finally got me watching The Warriors was it's description as being a movie made up of introductions. Which, having now seen the film, felt pretty apt. There is something kind of thrilling of just seeing shot after shot of RIDICULOUSLY dressed gang members (see below). And with the pumping, synthy 80ish soundtrack, there's definitely something really classy going on in the film. That's right. CLASSY. Oh, and we can a young James Remar, who was a blast to see being all youthful. Since he's generally cast of a straight-type these days, it neat to see him being a hot-head gang member. I did feel kind of funny about the way the movie treated character deaths. I don't know why, but for some reason, I kept expecting the characters to show up again, never really expecting them to stay gone. I don't know why exactly. I dunno, it kept throwing me off. The film is campy enough, and moves somewhat swiftly. Enjoyable. It's easy to see why the film has stuck in so many heads. It's incredibly stylish, it's a shame a great deal of the acting is a little dull though. Especially the lead who is just a terrible bore. The villain is a silly ass and I think I could have used a bit more of that. CAN YOU DIG IT!? Also, I fucking hated that Cyrus guy, he says as he quotes the m-f-er.

Sigh... The Baseball Furies. That's what I'VE got a bad case of.

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