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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Barton Fink - 1991 - Dir. Coen

Another movie I've seen before. But it's been a while. Even so, Barton Fink has always held a place in my heart and mind. Often time, since I started watching movies I viewed from back in the day. I'm starting to see little trends and how these films fed over into my writing, which I think is terribly interesting. Barton Fink, I think, must have been SUPER inspirational. I dunno, the way they handle story-telling and atmosphere. SIGH. They're just pretty damn neat is all. Even though I remembered chunks of the movie, like the Fiery ending. I forgot the little touches. Like Chet! And his crazy entrance. The movie isn't terribly interested in answering many questions and the Coen's have come out and said that there isn't exactly an over-reaching message, at least, one they planned out. But everything feels connected in a sense, the movie flows naturally. And also much faster than I remember. I had distinct memories of it dragging but as I'm a bit older and perhaps more comfortable to slowly paced films, it felt pretty light. Although, I'm not sure light is really a word you should use to describe Barton Fink. Although, at the same time, the movie is terrifically entertaining. :D
Man, John Goodman is just the coolest.

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