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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Simon of the Desert - 1959 - Dir. Buñuel

Man! I love Luis Buñuel. He's just the best. Did you guys know he's the best? So, yeah, I was a little disappointed with Exterminating Angel, I'll admit it. It was still a great movie and all, and I look back upon it fondly. But Simon of the Desert totally came out of nowhere for me. I didn't really know anything about it apart from it being about a guy living on a pillar. But it's easily one of my more favorite Buñuel movies now, and clocking in at a sveldt 45 minutes (short film!) only makes me happier. It's like having a really satisfying snack. I was enjoying the movie through and through, what with the strangely cynical depiction of religion. Simon performs a miracle of restoring a man his hands and everyone loses interest very quickly, the Man's first act with his hands is to give his kid a healthy whack. The film is filled with quirky asides where Simon consistently mutters unrelated thoughts. What really hit it home for me was the end. I LOVE WEIRD ENDINGS! The film seems to project a real enjoyment for everyone involved. Pinal said it was were favorite film to work with Buñuel on and it shows. Although, I immediately feel like anyone playing Satan in a movie like this must just have a ball. It's like having permission to run around and act like an asshole channeling modern day Al Pacino of Nicholas Cage (yes, they now always play their roles as if they will suddenly be revealed to be Satan). The film is just incredibly satisfying and functions as a really good mark between later Buñuel and his earlier work as well. It's like a 45 minute synthesis.

Simon of the Desert? More liek Simon of GETTING IT ON! YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!

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