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Monday, November 9, 2009

National Treasure II: Book of Secrets - 2007 - Dir. Turteltaub

I wasn't blown away by National Treasure, The Original. I can't really say this fared much better... although, I think this WAS the better movie. I think, in general, the first movie was surprisingly dull. This one had a lot more action and adventure in it. Really, the closer they get in spirit to Indiana Jones, the happier I get. If the third one that eventually gets made is just Nicholas Cage just watching Raiders, that would be fucking AWESOME. So, I dunno. You know, it's basically the same movie, switch out Sean Bean for Ed Harris, throw in the ever awesome Helen Mirren and that's it. You got it. They manage to find outrageous things for Nicholas Cage to do. SNEAK INTO BUCKINGHAM PALACE!? BREAK INTO THE OVAL OFFICE!? KIDNAP THE PRESIDENT!??! OMG! Naturally, Cage does all these things with the simplicity of a protagonist in a kid's adventure flick. You can't stop the sonuvabitch. Although, let me just say, I didn't give a fuck about the plot or the conspiracy. I mean... it was silly to begin with. I had no idea who Ed Harris really was. Just some kind of a jerk. A black market dealer according to wikipedia. All right, sure. That's a thing he could be. Go Ed Harris!

Uuuuhhhh... I'm solving mysteries.

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