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Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's Alive III: Island of the Alive - 1987 - Dir. Cohen

Well, I've finished the It's Alive trilogy. Perhaps the most famous trilogy of killer mutant babies every made. And you know, yesterday, I was wrong. There aren't just MORE babies in this one. There's BIGGER babies too. And perhaps the biggest baby of all is Michael Moriarty. He does kind of give me a Giant Baby vibe in this movie. He's great fun in this movie, though. Kind of cracking jokes for a healthy portion. I feel like Larry Cohen really had hit his stride in the 80's. Being that Island of the Alive was almost ten years after It Lives Again, Cohen definitely got a lot better at making silly horror movies. Island of the Alive definitely was the most entertaining of the series, although, I must say, it did drag a bit more than the second one. Especially towards the end. Although, I can't hate- There was a ridiculous series of shots of cops. MANY cops, falling off a roof. It gave me quite a chuckle. I always enjoy when Cohen takes the time to let the movie's message speak out. He always does it in a nudge-nudge fashion. Never banging you over the head, never getting pretentious. Just showing you a connection and usually making a crack about it. Like the sudden bit about the Commies. Oh man, and any movie that has a scene end with two men, new friends, parting ways say to the other "I hope you don't have to shoot your son" both with big smiles on their faces can't be bad. IT CAN'T! MAN! I dig Larry Cohen. He's just great.

OH NO! It's killer mutant MAN BABIES!

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