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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Days of the Condor - 1975 - Dir. Pollack

I rented this movie because the plot is based around paranoia, and maybe a little bit to do with Redford and his acting that he does. It does what these kinds of movies do so well, have you watch a handsome, overly capable guy figure out how to get out of the situation he's fallen into and then DO THE RIGHT THING. All of those things happen in this movie. Sometimes, I must admit, that Redford was a little TOO capable. Especially for someone who just "read books" for a living. I must say that I got a real kick out of Max Von Sydow in this as the noble freelance assassin. And perhaps some of the most interesting scenes are those between Redford and He. The film holds back revealing anything much about the conspiracy for quite a while and then lets loose almost all at once. Naturally, there's tons of loose ends and some pretty big leaps of reason that we must make but I suppose these films aren't exactly attempting to be realistic, rather exaggerate. Although, what with the government and all, perhaps it isn't an intense exaggeration but that's neither here nor there. The film ends in a somewhat unsatisfying manner but I think it does wrap up nicely enough. I feel like Redford was likable enough so I wanted as many details about his life after the film as possible and in that sense, we're left with a cliff-hanger. An expertly done thriller. Some exciting fights. Secret meetings. Everything that should be here is, and it's done well.

I don't see what Redford is getting all excited about. He could just escape into his collar.

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