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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Brazil - 1985 - Dir. Gilliam

Freshman year of college, I wrote a sixteen page paper on Brazil. It was easily one of my favorite assignments of all year and was rewarding on a bunch of levels. Having had to watch the film time and time again as research, I took quite a break and this would be the first time watching it since, roughly six years later. Clearly, I'm a fan of the film, having thrown out a chunk of money on the three disc Criterion. So how do I feel about the movie now that I've been through college? Well, I still love the sonuvabitch! It's hard for me to not get behind Gilliam, even at his most... uhhh... Brother's Grimm-ish. I think watching the movie around this time, I might have been a little tougher, pondering if certain cuts wouldn't have made the movie a bit better. And I'm still was mad at Kim Greist for being in the picture at all. But in the end, this movie is a classic in my mind and is so ripe with symbolism and sneaky little jokes that even having watched the movie countless times, I still find new things with every viewing. It's just THE BEST!
Jim Broadbent is up to his usual monkey business again!

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