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Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Carabineers - 1963 - Dir. Godard

I can get behind a nice, smooth, and easy Jean-Luc Godard film. Like a warm beverage. You know, nothing is more soothing than a Godard film. All right, I stop being sarcastic now. I like Godard though. I'm not crazy about him. Sometimes I wanna punch him in his stinkin' face, but most of the time, I will sit and watch and enjoy a Godard film. I had been watching a lot of his Color films recently, which I honestly enjoy a lot more. La Chionese still sticks it too me. And it SOCKS it to me as well. So, The Carabineers is a black and white, which generally means its a little less visually striking to me. Tonally, it's pretty gentle for a Godard film. He pulls his usually bag a tricks what with people going on and on about this and that but it feels like its presented in a much more upfront manner than Godard is wont to. There's a direct narrative that we're following. There's also a lot of people listing things WHICH IS AWESOME! As well as extended shots of people enjoying and identifying objects in photographs. Perhaps my personal favorite was the four characters yelling french names with random zooms in and out. You know, this film is really fun. But for 75 minutes, it runs long. It also doesn't really surprise you where it ends up going. But it's fun taking the trip.

Sigh... I can't think of anything funny and its the only pic I could find.

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