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Monday, November 30, 2009

Maniac Cop - 1988 - Dir. Lustig

Directed by William Lustig of (Just plain) Maniac fame, Maniac Cop brings together some of my favorite elements of cheesy horror movies: Larry Cohen and Bruce Campbell. Unfortunately, Cohen is only the writer of this trash and Campbell's role is reduced to being a patsy most of the time and then being a doof the rest. None of the classy Campbell acting I've come to know and love. Although, I didn't expect much being that having been interested in campy horror for a chunk of my life, no one ever really suggested I spend my time with this film. After all, Campbell's a working man and couldn't always afford to be picky with roles. Cohen's contribution is what won me over in the end. The movie feels a lot like a Cohen picture. But it most certainly is not. It's much more straight-forward and with only minor moments of humor. It has a satisfying enough climax where we get a random impalement and are revealed Maniac Cop's ridiculously scarred face (see below). Poor Robert Z'Dar has to sneer the silliest sneer I ever did see. Even for a campy horror movie, the reasoning is a little weak. Or I suppose lack of reasoning. I would have bought Ghost Cop long before Cop who should be dead but seems to survive no matter what. I mean... Really?
Yup, it's the Maniac Cop...

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