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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Miller's Crossing - 1990 - Dir. Coen

I was too young to really enjoy Miller's Crossing. I know that. Sure, I appreciated some elements of the film but I don't think I really got it as a whole as much. Although, I'm not sure it's really moved up too much in ranking with the others. A lot of the film feels like Coen's testing the waters. They have such a good grip on mythic story-telling though. Something I was getting a little too much of with O! Brother, but Miller's is just the perfect amount, especially in the crime genre. But I suppose, I'm always supporting 'em if there's some fine gangsters around. The film just has some completely mind-blowing moments which really stick with you. Albert Finney is just awesome, and I would have liked a bit more of Steve Buscemi. Maybe just one more scene, just to actually watch him deliver lines that fast. Although, Jon Turturro has got to be the most memorable if only for the scene where he begs for his life. Watching it through this time, though, he's just friggin' awesome in every scene. I wanna just give him the biggest high-five. I always have fun watching the Coen's in this period. They have these awesome tendencies towards excess and cartoonishness, something illustrated by their close affiliation with Raimi, who you can also see being a doof in the sweet Erin's pub shoot out.
MAN! Rolling up your sleeves all old school and whatnot! Who do you think you are, Albert Finney!?

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