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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Darjeeling Limited - 2007 - Dir. Anderson

I've seen this before. Well, I saw it when it was first released in theaters. Although I really would have liked it if Hotel Chevalier had been shown as well... It functions so well in relation to the film. And the sunofabitch movie isn't that long! I mean, oh, man- Eh, It fleshes out Schwartzmann's character way more. I could always get a hand in that respects too cause that guy can be so tricky to peg down... or like. I dunno, it created a more interesting context for his character. I laughed a lot more in this viewing of the film. I mean, I always thought it was pretty funny and whatnot but I remember being struck by the drama the first time around. The character's miseries seem to mix with their own obnoxious self-importance creating a very strange feeling of sadness and dread. I dunno. The movie has so many moments where I'm just like YEAH! GO EMOTIONS! This is a weird movie for me. I don't dislike it. It kind of does almost everything I would want a movie to do. And it does them in a very pleasing way. I didn't get the distance I got with Life Aquatic. I can relate to these three brothers, even if they are sons of bitches. Adrien Brody might have a lot to do with that. The more understated of the brothers, more reasonable. The REAL one, maybe. Although, in a movie like this who can tell. Oh man, you know I started this little blurb feeling a little mad at the movie, but you know what? This movie is bitchin' as hell. I'm not gonna be a prick about it! I like this movie a lot!

Adrien Brody had to put up with Owen Wilson whispering secrets in his ear the entire trip.

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