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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Amateurs - 2005 - Dir. Traeger

I sorta stumbled upon this one. It seemed like a middling low-budget comedy with a cast made up of enough names that it's a little baffling as to why they signed on. Which is exactly what it is. After watching the movie, I was incredibly interested in learning how exactly it got made. I still can't really find any answers. It's not a bad movie. It's a movie movie. You basically know how everything is going to pan out by the end of the first act. Like, you really know how the fucking thing is going to end. The cast, naturally, carries the movie. I mean, its basically anyone I would love to watch in a movie (See below). They seem to have a lot of fun. The writing isn't awful. It can pull a few nice punches every now and then but mostly is bolstered by the cast and hampered by the editing, which is pretty uneven. I mean, like most movies like this, there's some interesting ideas and a lot of boring ideas that we've seen before. I'm not sure I'd really recommend the film to anyone who wasn't REALLY into seeing Jeff Bridges, William Fichtner, Joe Pantalioanoao, Ted Danson, Tim Blake Nelson, and then a bunch of other people who you'll recognize but probably not exactly know the names of like PATRICK FUGIT! He snuck up again! And I wouldn't've mind seeing more of him. Like his fellow Wristcutters alum John Hawkes. Ted Danson is slowly becoming a favorite actor of mine to watch though. That guy makes me wish I finished Damages.

Look! A pack of roaming actors!

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