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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Network - 1976 - Dir. Lumet

MAN OH MAN! This movie is sweet as hell. Now, I had compared it to the Candidate which I'm not sure really stands, apart from being a counter-culture 70's flick. Network certainly isn't as subtle as The Candidate but man, it certainly hits harder. Maybe because it isn't ashamed to rant constantly. Trading Candidate's silence with noise. It's really a movie that gets me excited, even when I'm rolling my eyes at some of the blatant, shameless rants. Fucking Robert Duvall is awesome in this movie though. And so is Faye Dunaway. And the film really does focus on the antagonists in this picture. William Holden is consistantly pushed aside, after all, he's only human. And FRIGGIN Ned Beatty's monologue!? Really, I'll get behind anything that's about dehumanization. I think Faye does such a good job selling her completely unfeeling character. All of her enthusiasm for what she does and her energy totally takes away any scenes that she's in. In the scene where she's eating with William Holden, I found myself just looking at the way she was holding her fork. Maybe I was just being an overly excited butt, but WHATEVER! Anyway, I can easily forgive the movie's few melodramatic flaws. I feel like many of those rants and speeches give the movie gasoline to run on. Creating humans out of people who may not be.

I don't know, something about Howard Beale seems... stressed.

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