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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cruel Gun Story - 1964 - Dir. Furukawa

JOE SHISHIDO! Which is really the only reason I watched this movie. Well, that and I like-a the Japanese gangster flicks. It was an entertaining enough movie. Kept me interested, which can sometimes be a feat for old school gangster pictures. Joe is a terribly fun actor to watch. I can't say there's really anything exactly inspiring about it. It ends with a pleasant amount of tragedy. Having only seen it about six hours ago, I'm not really recalling anything too striking about it. Apart from Mr. Joe there. It's not bad. It's straight-forward. Capably told. Cliched often times but I really didn't have any complaints. Or really any extraordinary feelings about it. It's got some goofy parts, I mean, it was made in 1964 at a time when they were cranking these out like its nobodies business. I think what might appeal to me a little bit more with these kinds of movies is it can often times be tough to predict how exactly they are going to end. I feel like there's a gap between our two nation's gangster flicks.


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