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Monday, October 12, 2009

District B13 - 2004 - Dir. Morel

I had sort of wanted to watch this movie for a while. I don't know, I guess I was excited about Parkour or something. It's all right. The movie had a strangely notice-able amount of plot holes. Normally with a movie, like this, I just don't bother looking for them. But I dunno B13 sort of thinks its a real movie. There is a sly bit about the Lame Parkour Cop being bad at improvising but I don't know if I really think its that clever. I dunno, the movie isn't fun, I suppose is what it comes down to. So I feel like I have to pay attention, then I notice that the plot is fucking ridiculous. So yeah, the movie isn't fun. It's got some sweet action sequences and whatnot. There's certainly some clever banter. But I don't know if I really consider a sprinkling of banter all that clever. I mean, there's a mostly comatose junky slave girl in it. It's not a fun movie. Point made. Moving on. Oh, and the movie's leads reminded me of Skateboard kids through and though. So it's really hard to take the movie seriously at times. I mean, they're clearly ape-ing action movie cliches, but they never really mug. Like they don't realize they are cliches or something. I mean, not that they have to mug. I guess I just expect of movie of this quality to not take itself so damn seriously all the time.

This guy was a boner machine.

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